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Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities

functional medicine training for nurses

Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities


We offer solid courses, keynotes, advice and resources that teach and coach the essentials of entrepreneurship. We add in simple tools that set your destination and keep you on track. Our team has experience working with medical entrepreneurs all over North America. Our experience helps you eliminate time wasters, analyze business issues and create systems that streamline your business.

Coaching, Groups, Online Courses. & Workshops!

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Meet with a business coach to brainstorm ideas, resolve challenges, and improve short term and long-term success.

Your business coach will help you proactively plan your strategy and address the administration, operations, marketing, and leadership concerns that you have to deal with. Your business coach is the one you pass ideas through. And when you run into a crisis, which happens to all businesses, your coach will walk you through how to overcome this.

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Poly-MVA Trainings

Proper and optimum health in every facet truly starts and ends with the Mitochondria. We are excited to offer Education, Advanced Training, and Implementation of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex in your practice.

These online courses will provide you with the necessary tools to start safely and effectively integrating this important Mitochondrial tool for your patient’s optimum health. We invite physician’s and their staff to join these online course and mastermind sessions that can revolutionize and advance any practice.

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Business Operations and Optimization, April 2022

Business Skills of Functional Medicine Learn the basics to generate a successful IV practice. This is our launching of the business seminar to integrate business skills and IV therapy practice. This is for those just getting started and for those with many years of practice.

Our 1-day seminar is designed for Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, Registered Nurses, Medical Students Office Managers and staff.

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Mastermind sessions

H.E.R.O.’s group coaching helps member’s success in the long term, with a business expert guiding you along your journey to victory. For graduating health entrepreneurs, H.E.R.O.’s groups can play a key part in getting your business set up for success.

The earlier you work on strengthening your entrepreneurial skills, the better. By participating in a group of no more than 3 members, along with an experienced guide, you will be given opportunities for practical application and accountability to keep you on track for success.

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Ozone Applications and Strategies for Successful Implementation

We are excited to be offering a 2-day intensive hands-on workshop covering the applications of ozone. You will be able to immediately use the techniques you learn. This will be a very limited group of a maximum of 6 people, so everyone gets proper hands-on experience doing the basic and advanced therapies during the class. We also invite each doctor to include 1 administrative staff member (Office Lead Hand, Medical Assistant, Office Manager, etc.) for separate training and discussion on integrating the therapies into a practice and marketing them. Administrative staff can be included in the “6” or join online.

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